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Free Thinking

A Process for Thinking Freely

In order to begin planning with no preconceived notions about what to buy or do, an advisor must be willing to allocate time and energy to the questioning phase of the process. These agenda-free conversations allow families to explore their deeper intent for their wealth. The planning results are altogether different. 

We commit to posing questions that are unique to everything you've experienced previously. Oftentimes, we investigate and communicate thoroughly until there is an answer on the table. Afterwards, the next question presents itself and layers of clarity begin to surface. Essentially, when an advisor isn't rushing to a solution, strategy or product, the family isn't pushed prematurely into decision-making; the best path naturally emerges.

As a result, this process lets you envision the tremendous opportunities that can exist at the intersection of life and wealth. Thus, both the family and the advisor gain a better understanding of the bigger-picture goals—an understanding of the family’s options and what roadblocks may exist, now or in the future.